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Intercollegiate Knights Endowed Scholarship

While the current Alumni Legacy Scholarship endowment has grown to support 24 students, the needs of students with foster care experience are different. Without the consistency of a home and school, students often change schools many times, which can lead to lower GPA’s than many of our scholarships require. In addition, while they may qualify for financial aid for tuition, they may need housing and meal support especially during the summer or holiday breaks. Students can experience more stability in college than most other settings upon entering adulthood.

The Intercollegiate Knights (alumni from the former service fraternity dedicated to creating lasting legacies at Boise State) realized that the alumni association can provide mentor programs and resources to help these students feel part of our Boise State family. Thus the Intercollegiate Knights Chapter took a leadership role by starting this scholarship.

The Intercollegiate Knights Chapter raises funds by selling parking spaces at the Alumni and Friends Center during Boise State Men’s Basketball games, concerts, and special events at Taco Bell Arena. They volunteer in the rain, sleet, heat and snow to raise money for this scholarship.

“We want to create a lasting legacy that will live on once we are all long gone. We wanted to find a need that is under everyone’s radar, that is underserved, and that we could be passionate about while making the most significant, immediate and meaningful impact. We are excited to be developing this and partnering with his incredible program.” — Chapter President Ron Crouch ’77


Help Impact Scholars Rewrite Statistics

The Boise State Impact Scholars Program promotes college success of students from foster care. The program addresses the underrepresentation and underachievement of students with foster care experience in higher education. Research shows that young adults who have spent time in the foster care system are more likely to have difficulty earning a college degree.

Idaho statistics reveal that 80% of foster care youth want to attend college, however, only 7% are able to enroll and only 3% graduate. The Boise State Impact Scholars Program is re-writing these statistics. Boise State alumni and friends may contribute and make a difference in lives of these students. Education is the number one variable that can break the cycle of poverty.