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Alumni Travel Program


Collage of Australia, Italian Riviera and Canada

Boise State alumni traveling together abroad is not only about discounts and convenience, though these are certainly added benefits to our members. It’s also an opportunity to take our unique stories into the world — and, to bring them back. An exciting exchange takes place when we expose ourselves to new places, people and cultures. We think differently when we’re in unfamiliar places. We get inspired, make new connections and grow new ideas.

The Alumni Association makes unforgettable journeys possible for Boise State Alumni Association members (and their friends and family), whether you’re a bank manager, a retired school teacher, an entrepreneur or a geoscientist; the more curious the minds, the merrier the discoveries. No matter where in the world our members go, our greatest journey is always the one we take together. Connect to the world and each other through our Alumni Travel Program.

Join us, as well as alumni from other colleges and universities, on this delightful adventure in discovery! For details, call 800-323-7373.

Pamplona, Cafe Iruna (Hemingway's hang-out), me and Ernest

Pamplona, Cafe Iruna (Hemingway’s hangout), me and Ernest

My mother accompanied me on an amazing and memorable alumni campus abroad trip to Spain and we traveled with a few more adventurous people from Marquette University, Douglass College and the National Trust. (It takes a minimum of 15 travelers from Boise State Alumni Association to have an exclusive Boise State trip.) We shared many “small world” moments with common connections and interests. And did we have fun!

Click here to read more about Laura’s trip.

The Alumni Travel Program is a benefit of membership in the Boise State Alumni Association.

We encourage at least one member of the traveling party to be a member. Anyone is welcome to join our alumni association as a member and all are welcome on these trips, regardless if you are a Boise State graduate. Not a member? Click here to see the benefits of joining. Or click here to join today!

Stay tuned for information about future trips!