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College of Business and Economics

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We welcome all Boise State College of Business and Economics alumni, active students, and friends seeking to further COBE’s mission to be a collaborative, engaged and dynamic community of learners. To inspire our students and colleagues to achieve their full potential by creating and sharing relevant knowledge, skills and experiences for the benefit of local and global communities. For more information on COBE’s Mission, please click COBE Mission.


Officially chartered in 2016.


The COBE Alumni Chapter’s focus is on Service to the current students of the College of Business and Economics. We partner with COBE Career Services to identify areas that they believe will be most advantageous to students.

Our chapter is also designed to be a member networking group. We have, at a minimum, an annual social gathering to engage any and all College of Business and Economics graduates, alumni and friends, and students. This event is designed for our member base to network with each other, as well as help students who attend learn the ins and outs of networking.

Chapter Officers:

The COBE Alumni Chapter is in the process of electing officers. Applications are being accepted via email at To be eligible, one must be an active member of the Alumni Chapter and a dues-paying member of the Boise State Alumni Association.
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  • President: Zach Bethel—Class of 2008
  • Vice President: Rod Gould—Class of 1992
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Shannon Stith—Class of 2001 & 2002

  At-Large Members:

  • Scott Blades—Class of 2014
  • Nicole Brown—Class of 1998 & 2013
  • Dave Haworth—Class of 1988
  • Lance Millington—Class of 1993
  • Randal Smith—Class of 1986
  • Student at Large—vacant

Contact Information:

During the elections process, contact Zach Bethel, Chapter Leader,

Upcoming Events:


Career Connections

See below in Recurring Student Involvement Events

Signature Event

Professional Networking Week Evening Social and Mentor Program

This event happens annually in October. The COBE Alumni Chapter, in coordination with COBE Career Services, will host an evening networking event with students. The intent is for our members to be available to answer questions, as well as mingle with the students. Our members will be available for follow-up mentoring based on conversations and connections made at this event. Students should come dressed professionally and ready to engage our members.

Recurring Student Involvement Events

These are events that have been setup by COBE Career Services. Our members represent the Chapter at these events through sponsorship, participation, or support.

Ask Me Anything

COBE Alumni Chapter Members create a panel for students. The students show up and ask career minded questions to the panelists in hopes of getting more insight into a specific career or industry they are interested in and to hear what advice our members would give to themselves if they could go back in time.

Career Connections – COBE Social Hour

The COBE Alumni Chapter has a booth at this event and our selected members interact with the students and other sponsors.

March 30, 2017, 4:30-6:30 p.m.
Imagination Lab, Micron Business and Economics Building 2302

Information for Students:

At this event, you’ll be able to network with representatives from dozens of potential employers. Companies attending the social are looking specifically for business students. Take advantage of this chance to leave a strong impression and to identify organizations where you might want to work. This is your chance to make connections. Dress professionally and bring your resume.

Free appetizers and refreshments.

Other Member Involvement

COBE BOLD Alumni Board

The purpose of the COBE BOLD Alumni Board is to assist the College in its future direction. BOLD stands for Broncos of the Last Decade. Our BOLD members, those who have graduated within the last 10 years, can offer valuable insight to the College as to what they found beneficial and where there may be areas for improvement. This is a rolling board that meets bi-annually and consists of 5-10 members that refreshes every 6 months.