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Bronco Contact Volunteer Position Description

Are you interested in becoming a Bronco Contact Volunteer?  We are always looking for passionate Broncos who want to keep their connection to Boise State.  We invite contacts everywhere, but especially in the following areas:  In Idaho:  Blaine County, Valley County, Payette County and Kootenai County.  Outside Idaho:  Ft. Collins, Provo, Logan, Spokane, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Houston, Los Angeles, Reno, New York, and Phoenix.  Call or email today if you would like to serve as a Bronco Contact in your area.

The Bronco Contact Volunteer:

Become part of the Bronco family, and serve as a point of connection between area alumni and the Boise State Alumni Relations office. Engage Boise State alumni and friends by serving as a communication link and/or event organizer to create opportunities for social interaction, networking, and shared Bronco Pride.

Bronco Contact Responsibilities:

  • Be listed on the alumni website as a Bronco Contact (e-mail and/or phone number)
  • Organize at least two events or program per year that align with the Boise State Alumni mission (highly recommend assisting with our annual Note-Writing Campaign)
  • Promote membership and benefits to constituency
  • Serve as area information person for local inquiries about alumni activities, scholarship opportunities,
    community interests, student recruitment, and Association news.
  • Communicate regularly with the staff about activities in your area
  • Submit post-event report to staff after each event (we want to know about your events!)
  • Sign a confidentiality form that protects all alumni from misuse of personal information

Qualifications to be a Bronco Contact:

  • Commitment to the mission, visions, and values of the Boise State Alumni Association
  • Communication, decision-making skills, and the ability to work effectively with a team
  • Organized and self-motivated
  • Current Boise State Alumni Association dues paying member

Time commitment and leadership term:

The time commitment for Bronco Contacts varies according to geographic area, personal commitment, and energy of individual.


  • Newsletters and other periodic communications from the Boise State Alumni Association
  • Early announcements of special alumni activities
  • Invitations to campus for special events
  • Connect with other Bronco Contacts

Alumni Association Assistance for Bronco Contacts:

  • E-mail list management
  • Alumni website design and maintenance
  • Online event registration
  • Consultation for events
    Note: Funding for your event may be considered by the staff, provided there is demonstrated alumni interest and strong membership in the area.


  • Submit letter of interest outlining commitment to supporting the mission of the Boise State Alumni Association
  • Sign confidentiality form indicating commitment to protect alumni information
  • Commit to organize at least two quality events/activities per year (written documentation required)
  • Submit information to be listed on the Web site
  • Be a current Alumni Association dues-paying member

For information please contact:
Teresa Harder, Director of Regional Alumni Programs / (208) 426-1297