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Vice President – Alicia Piccione

Alumni Association Board of Directors Spotlight:

Vice President, Alicia Piccione ’02, ’04

Published October 1, 2013

“My life as a Bronco did not end at my graduation, but rather just began”


Alicia Piccione is the assistant vice president-community relationship manager for U.S. Bank, a 2013 Accomplished Under 40 Award recipient, a busy mother of four spunky children, and tries to live life every day with a positive attitude, adventure, and drive. Alicia owned her first home at the age of 19, and began her college career as a single mom. She graduated from Boise State University in December of 2004, with a bachelors of business administration with a finance emphasis. She began employment with U.S. Bank in January of 2005, where she is still employed today. She finds it pretty cool that she gets to spend her days getting to know the businesses and individuals of our community.

Alicia also earned a master of science in accountancy with honors from the University of Phoenix, all while working full time and raising her children. Elected to the Alumni Association Board of Directors in 2010, Alicia holds a great passion for its success. “I have so enjoyed my time with the other alumni of my alma mater. My life as a Bronco did not end at my graduation, but rather just began.”

“I live by the philosophy that you will only get out what you put into something. I strive to perform at a high level in all of my activities, and consistently push myself to take everything to the next step. I surround myself with great people, who are my partners in the journey for excellence.”

Alicia Piccione Family

Q&A with Alicia Piccione:

  • Q: Tell us about your family.
  • A: My husband Joel and I are lucky to have four spunky and fun kids, Taylor, Ciarra, Jacob and Avery, and a sweet little Yorky named Lilly. We also have many other local family members that we are very close with, including my parents, 3 sisters, several nieces and nephews, and in-laws. I would not be who I am today without the love and guidance from my admirable parents. These individuals are all heart and carry such a passion in life. My father has an incredible devotion to his profession, one in which I admire greatly. He has given his time, his loyalty, his strength, and his heart to the Fire Service industry, which has been an instrumental role in the success of his daughters. Additionally, I am truly blessed to have a loving husband, who has further influenced me to become the person I want to be. He supports me, loves me without judgment, and stands right beside me in whatever decisions I make in life. And then there are my kids. . . The love a mother feels for her children is something that cannot be repeated, and makes you want to be a better person every single day. I cherish all of my family and truly believe they are the glue that holds me together.
  • Q: Why do you volunteer for Boise State?
  • My volunteer time with Boise State started with me joining the Alumni Association. I was disconnected from the university after graduation and I was able to rekindle my relationship with the Alumni Association. I enjoy volunteering with other Alumni and for a school that I love. I have such a level of pride for Boise State and I feel such a connection through the Alumni Association and feel fortunate to be on the board.
  • Q: What do you want to accomplish as Vice President of the Alumni Association?
  • A: I would like to grow the AA by increasing membership and engaging current members. I hope to share our vision with other Alumni and help them connect with the university, much like I did. At the end of the day, I just hope to support the university and show my pride and connection as an alumna.
  • Q: What makes you the most excited about the future for Boise State?
  • A: The growth. Our campus is growing and enrolling such bright individuals that will no doubt carry on the legacy of Boise State. Not to mention, a wonderful pool of potential Alumni Association members and supporters!
  • Q: What do you like to do for fun?
  • A: We spend a lot of time with our kid’s activities, from sports to school programs. We really enjoy spending time at our house in Donnelly, riding dirt bikes and the Teryx in the summer, and snowmobiles/skiing in the winter.
  • Q: List a fun fact about yourself.
  • A: I have 2 daughters in high school, and one daughter in diapers (potty training).
  • Q: What makes you laugh, burst with pride or raise your eyebrows in disbelief?
  • A: My kids, for all of the above!!
  • Q: What’s the coolest thing you know?
  • A: That I have a pretty amazing life.

Pretty amazing life? Absolutely! But one that she has worked to create, and we are the fortunate benefactors of Alicia’s strong work ethic, positive attitude, adventurous spirit, and continuous drive for success. Thank you Alicia, for leading by example.